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Gold surges to record high at Rs82,000 per tola

KARACHI: Gold price shot up Rs1,700, or 2.11%, to a record high of Rs82,000 per tola (11.66 grams) in Pakistan in line with the uptrend in the world market on Thursday. The bullion price increased by a staggering $24 to $1,420 per ounce (31.10 grams) in …Read more

Gold surges to record high at Rs82000 per tola

KARACHI Gold price shot up Rs1700 or 211 to a record high of Rs82000 per tola 1166 grams in Pakistan in line with the uptrend in the world market on Thursday The bullion price increased
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Gold hits new peak of Rs73400tola on weak rupee

Rupee fell to a record high on Thursday against was the major cause behind the surging gold prices He said imports were halted as old gold was rolling in the market lower by Rs2500 to Rs3000 per tola than the international prices
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Gold price surges

KARACHI Local gold prices rose by Rs1157 hitting three-month high of Rs50142 He recalled that the per tola rate had hit Rs59000 three months back while in last years Ramazan it reached the record peak of Rs63500 According to Pakistan Bureau
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Gold yet again a medium of investment

The importance of gold as a store of value and a reliable medium of investment is increasing that has resulted a sharp surge in prices of upward in 2011 and touched to record high The prices reached Rs57800 per tola and further rose to Rs60800
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Gold prices hit record high at Rs80500 per tola in Pakistan

KARACHI With Rs1300 per tola increase the gold prices have hit record high in Pakistan Gold has reached Rs 80500 per tola with the increase of Rs 1300 on Tuesday While the price of 10 gm gold touched Rs69016 with the hike of Rs 1115 here
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Gold jumps Rs1300 per tola to Rs70500 as demand soars

The market talks also suggest gold touching a new all-time high of Rs75000 per tola simultaneously he said Gold hit record high of Rs72200 A local research house anticipated inflation to surge to double-digit during 2019 from 88 reported
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