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Gold Prices Set to Rise 20% by New Year 2020: Survey

And recession coming to the US by 2021… WHAT really drives gold prices? asks Adrian Ash at BullionVault. “Nobody really understands gold prices,” claimed then US Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke in mid-2013, “and I don’t pretend to understand …Read more

Gold Prices Set to Rise 20 by New Year 2020 Survey

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Voice Shopping Set to Jump to 40 Billion By 2022 Rising From 2 Billion Today

The survey showed growth in the voice segment To drive additional spending and higher price points retailers should provide inspiration in the form of new recipes for example Building trust has a direct correlation with overall ratings
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5 Gold And Silver Stocks To Avoid In 2019

Stock prices the past 3-5 years and I expect that decline to continue throughout 2019-2020 The issue is the miner isnt producing much cash flow and continues to sink much of its capital into the money-pit Black Fox mine and the new Gold Bar mine
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Cobalt uranium and silver prices expected to rally in 2019

A new report by FocusEconomics on the prospects of commodities this year and next paints a mixed picture The survey of investment who burned fingers in the rise and fall of cobalt could also look forward to some relief Gold showed promise early
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Rise in US Gas Production Fuels Unexpected Plunge in Emissions

It now says carbon-dioxide emissions will begin rising year-on-year in 2015 but wont return to 2005 levels through 2040 These rapid US declines may be short-lived as natural-gas prices rise 20 reduction target under the Kyoto agreement by 2020
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English farmland prices double in five years

Over the past year the number of farms available for sale has risen by 20 However availability remains low in historic terms and I am not expecting a significant fall in prices new stream of profits The Knight Franks business sentiment
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