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Gold lifts, continuing its stay at six-year highs

Bengaluru — Gold prices firmed on Tuesday ahead of a US Federal Reserve meeting at which the central bank is expected to signal how big an interest rate cut the world’s biggest economy could take. Spot gold was up 0.1% at $1,428.61 an ounce by …Read more

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This long-neglected commodity is ready to roar says Commerzbank

Investors will need to stay its way like gold before to freeing itself from a prolonged sideways trend said Fritsch But to match what weve seen for gold this year silver needs to reach 20 not seen since 2016 Hitting a six-year high
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Gold risks back-to-back losses slipping from 6-year high

Gold futures fell early Thursday and may be heading for back-to-back losses after the haven metal scored a nearly six-year high early in the week Gold continues to soften after its euphoric surge see many investors grow cautiously optimistic
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Budget Deal Earnings Strength From Lockheed CocaCola United Technologies Lift Spirits

US interest rates dont operate in a vacuum so even if economic data here look supportive yields could stay While its cousin gold basked in the headlines last week at six-year highs
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Getting Past The Headlines For Gold And Energy

The direction has led gold to just maybe start the next bull cycle that has been so long awaited Energy seems to be continuing its can potentially multiply its high-grade gold resource
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Witching Day Arrives With Markets Perched At All-Time Highs And Geopolitics In Focus

Its been a quick comeback for the SP 500 Index SPX which hit new record highs Thursday and sits more than 8 above its lift demand for so-called defensive assets like gold Treasuries and the greenback Gold also recently hit a nearly six
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Gold suffers back-to-back losses down from a recent trading near a 6-year high

Gold futures finished lower Thursday suffering back-to-back losses after the haven metal scored a nearly six-year high early in the week market might begin to moderate as the market slows its profit-taking liquidation wave and waits for the outcome
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