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Global farming trends 'a threat to food security'

Industrial agriculture's growing dependence on single, pollinator-dependent crops is jeopardising global food security and economic stability, …Read more

Global Critical Infrastructure Protection CIP Industry

MARKET GROWTH DRIVERS TRENDS ISSUES II-6 Rising Number of Adverse Incidents Services Banking Sector II-32 Transportation SystemsII-32 Food Agriculture II-32 Systems Use in Critical Infrastructure Protection CIP
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three global food and agriculture agencies said on Tuesday FOOD-FAOIFAD-WFP UPDATE 1 TV expect by 10 am 587 words Ebola cases may be kept within tens of thousands – WHO GENEVA – The unprecedented Ebola outbreak in West Africa requires a 1
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Meta-analysis shows positive effects of plant diversity on microbial biomass and respiration

By conducting a global meta-analysis with paired observations of plant mixtures and monocultures from 106 studies we show that microbial biomass bacterial biomass fungal biomass fungibacteria ratio and microbial respiration increase while Gram
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Texas had record job growth in 2014

West Texas Intermediate crude oil the US benchmark declined to 4539 a barrel Friday Three Houston-based oil field other industries as laid-off workers dont spend as much on food furniture and housing Every major Texas industry added jobs
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Trump signs order imposing sanctions on Iran supreme leader

The sanctions came as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is holding talks in the Middle East with officials in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia about countering the military threat from Iran by building a broad global coalition that includes Asian
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Global Planting and Fertilizing Machinery Industry

MARKET TRENDS AND GROWTH II-10 Table 8 Global Distribution of Agricultural Land Holdings by Farm Size in Select CountriesRegions II-12 China – A Threat to Europes Domination in Agricultural Machinery ProductionII-12 Mechanization
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