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Girl's dream comes true with animal food-for-waste project

Melek Büşra Aykut's photos now adorn "Patimatik" or "Pawmatic," automated food dispensers for stray animals, a common sight in the district and …Read more

Rescue of a Scared Homeless Dog with a Broken Heart


K-391 & Alan Walker – Ignite (feat. Julie Bergan & Seungri)

Barbie – The Trouble with Toddlers | Ep.51

Now EU wants bins collected monthly to help Britain hit recycling target

It comes just days after the Daily Mail revealed that ministers have abandoned the long-standing pledge to bring back weekly bin collections Former communities secretary Eric Pickles promised to reinstate the basic right to a weekly bin collection
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Can plant-based feeds make aquaculture sustainable

Rick Barrows is a US Department of Agriculture fish nutritionist an esoteric occupation true but a vital one though its popularity hasnt come without environmental consequences such as pollution and ecosystem invasions
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The Beach

Emboldened by the rare sunshine my mind turned to the beach – and Simons nifty new intro If youre puzzled by The Beachread on What is the Beach Its a place to go when the stresses of your real life need relieving Sometimes it is fairly
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Montclairs Special Meeting Budget and Attorney Appointment

Notice of a special meeting to address the appointment of a new or maybe reappointed town attorney and to continue budget deliberations was issued by Montclair township earlier today The meeting is scheduled for Thursday September 30 at 400
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Environmental Justice Grants

Through data collection and analysis the community will develop strategies to reduce impacts from stormwater runoff The project will meet its goal by establishing a comprehensive outreach and education campaign community cleanup efforts and a coalition
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Food Fight the latest battle in the US food wars

For a war is raging over what we eat where it comes from who benefits Thus while food activists blast Big Food for waste and environmental degradation Monsanto Syngenta Nestle and other corporate giants all tout the S word on websites
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