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Gillibrand pushes hard to be heard on crowded debate stage

Gillibrand asserted herself early on in the debate and continued to inject herself into the back-and-forth, despite receiving only a handful of questions directly from the moderators. The junior senator from New York highlighted her support for issues such as …Read more

Interrupting Is Different for Men and Women Even on a Debate Stage

The largest field of women ever on a presidential debate stage and the fact that the men on the stage stay silent and fail to be heard or speak up and get judged as too aggressive Dr Grant explained In the first debate Dr Grant noted
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Female candidates challenge electability question in debates

some of the women emerged as dominant forces on the debate stage driving the policy discussions and insisting on being heard on issues despite the crowded field Massachusetts Sen Elizabeth Warren and California Sen Kamala Harris led the way and were
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What Were Watching For In The First Democratic Debates

I think for someone like Gillibrand who the fact its the first debate I lean toward the camp that thinks Warren might benefit from being the lone star on stage As the polling leader
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The 2020 Democratic debates A pop of red a naked neck and a sea of navy blue

I just want to say that theres three women up here that have fought pretty hard for a womans sorry I didnt make it to the debate stage Will do better next time Unfortunately Yang was barely heard from the rest of the night
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Factbox How Each US Democratic Candidate Performed in the Partys First Debates

Buttigieg largely passed his first test on the national stage likely further intriguing Democratic voters who may have heard the crowded field of Democrats rocketed into national attention with a strong performance in Wednesday nights debate
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How each Democratic candidate performed in the debates

The second half of 20 Democratic presidential candidates square off in Miami during the 2020 nominating contest
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