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@GHGGuru: Fake Meat “Not Very Different From Dog Food”

“I thought he was joking,” Mitloehner said, “until I did a little research and compared his burger versus Beyond Burger versus dog (food). And guess …Read more

Obamas speech in Tucson

The TV ratings favor the furious What does it mean when the people on the fake shows on Comedy Central are more intelligent and reasonable than the people on mainstream cable news networks Sigh At The New Republic Noam Sheiber wasnt satisfied I
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Politicians and fruit cakes a tawdry tale

He went on in a fake Indian accent Things were getting so bad in India that she gathered her advisers together and asked them whether anybody could do anything about our ill fortunes Some smart Harvard educated fellow said I am a student of modern
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News in August 2015

is recalling approximately 20063 pounds of beef products The products were formulated with soybean oil MSG and papain a meat tenderizer which are not listed on the labels Soy is an allergen and MSG may cause allergy-type reactions in those who may
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Stephanies On Newbury

tossed in classic louie dressing New England Lobster Roll fresh maine lobster meat tossed in mayonnaise and lemon served on a toasted brioche roll with french fries and coleslaw New England Fish and Chips 2400 beer batter fried haddock served with malt
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