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Germany's Angela Merkel sits during national anthems, raising more health concerns

The first of the three public trembling episodes occurred June 18 when Merkel was standing alongside newly elected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Days later she started trembling while standing during a speech by German President …Read more

Germanys Angela Merkel sits during national anthems raising more health concerns

German Chancellor Angela Merkel opted to sit for the playing of national anthems to stand Concerns about Merkels health have increased in recent days after she appeared trembling while standing at three similar ceremonies in Berlin during the
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Germanys Angela Merkel is seen shaking for second time in two weeks

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has any health problems German privacy laws are very strict on that type of information being published by the media There were brief concerns about her health in 2014 when she was taken ill during a television interview
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Germany constructive over EU bid

Germany wants to play a constructive part in Britains bid to renegotiate its relations with Brussels Angela Merkel said my assumption is we are going to find more solutions in this area as well Mrs Merkel indicated that Germany itself may
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