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German GP ratings: How every F1 driver performed

Max Verstappen's F1 victories are always rather dramatic, aren't they? And this was arguably the craziest of the lot. Verstappen's win wasn't without its blips – the Dutchman had a poor getaway from the front row and miraculously avoided a crash following a …Read more

Racing Sebastian Vettel: Could I Be An F1 Driver?


DEZE F1 DRIVERS HAAT IK! F1 DRIVER TIER LIST! (Formule 1: 2019 Driver Rating)

2018 German Grand Prix: Race Highlights

F1 German GP driver ratings How every driver performer

Max Verstappens F1 victories are always rather dramatic That just sums up a bonkers German GP Sainz who only pitted three times was one of many midfield drivers who would have been fancying a podium in the closing stages but while his car
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Driver Ratings – German Grand Prix 2019

A issue with the car halted any promise of getting a qualifying time and caused the German to start from 20 th on the grid He capitalised on every mistake to make any F1 fan happy The thought of him getting a podium at his home Grand Prix would
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German Grand Prix practice Leclerc leads another Ferrari one-two

Single-lap pace was proving tricky to unlock since the tyres required delicate management before during and after any push laps drivers every team on the grid has followed its direction 1564311234 F1 Trending Verstappen wins wild wet German GP
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Mick Schumacher gives hope to German F1 with Hockenheim run

Mick Schumacher hopes he is on the verge of a breakthrough into Formula One Photograph PixathlonREXShutterstock This weekends German Grand Prix will of how every change in the car affects his driving style Thats a good driver characteristic
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Mercedes chief Toto Wolff drops intriguing Esteban Ocon hint over Lewis Hamilton change

Mercedes find themselves in a strong position going into the German Grand Prix with his five-time formula one world champion team-mate every Sunday However Mercedes also have 22-year-old Esteban Ocon as their reserve driver this season
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British GP driver ratings How every driver performed

He still wasnt the fastest Red Bull driver at Silverstone on his British GP debut – and was rewarded with well-deserved recognition from the crowd if not from a concrete result It was great fun out there driving flat out every single lap
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