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George RR Martin Slams 'Toxic' Fan Culture After Game of Thrones Backlash

All eyes have been on the A Song of Ice and Fire author in the wake of Game of Thrones' divisive final season, with many readers clamoring to find out …Read more

George RR Martin Slams Toxic Fan Culture After Game of Thrones Backlash

George RR while Martin wasnt ready to dish on either of those subjects this week he did have a thing or two to say about the landscape of modern fan culture that inspired 16 million people to sign a petition to demand a re-do of Game of Thrones
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Game Of Thrones fans are given a boost as George RR Martin reveals FIVE shows are in development

The final season of Game Thrones is almost at an end but fans of the long-running fantasy saga can take heart from the promise of five new spin-off shows The HBO show based on the ongoing series of novels from author George RR Martin concludes
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Game of Thrones author to discover TV ending to his saga

US novelist George RR Martin arrives for the Game of Thrones 8th and final season premiere at I mean hes been very much a part of the fan culture of the show and I think his sense of how audiences feel about his story will certainly
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Game of Thrones Fan Petition for Final Season Do-Over Snowballs

The show first moved beyond George RR Martin by 350000 Game of Thrones fans with the number of signatories continuing to grow rapidly Just two hours later it hit 400000 and by 1220 pm ET it was up to 450000 Fan reaction to the
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Blame of Thrones Fans lament rushed final season

after the script had moved beyond the source novels by the American writer George RR Martin A Changeorg petition called Remake Game of Thrones Season 8 with competent writers was approaching 850000 signatures early Friday ahead of Sundays finale
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Blockbusters that were finished by different directors

It was a really heartbreaking decision to have to walk away after having worked on it for Just as we wished wed had the chance to read George RR Martins version of events before we saw the Game Of Thrones finale we desperately wish wed
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