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Gene editing could reduce waste, increase world's food supply

“Globally, the carbon footprint of wasted food exceeds 3 billion tons annually, creating about 7% of greenhouse gas emissions,” says Bethany Shively …Read more

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Gene editing could reduce waste increase worlds food supply

Plant breeding innovations such as new varieties of potatoes and mushrooms that dont bruise and turn brown could go a long way in significantly reducing food waste says Shively increasing the worlds food supply Shively says
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The simplest way to improve the worlds food systems requires no new science

Fortunately there is more than one way to increase the effective food supply to loss and waste but upon closer inspection there are considerable grounds for hope Unlike the case with raising crop yields there is plenty of room to reduce food
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20 AI and Tech for Good Opportunities in Food Agriculture

Similarly to microbiomes gene editing can lower waste disposal fees and incremental revenue achieved through liquidation market 27 13 Traceability technologies to increase accountability and incentivize food supply chain participants to reduce
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Food Waste Enough to Feed Worlds Hungry Four Times Over

Produce more of the right food from less 4 Safeguard our land and oceans and 5 Radically reduce food losses and waste we grow can help meet local and global nutrition needs In contrast gene editing or lab grown meats offer to increase
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Tech Can Sustainably Feed Developing World Cities of the Future Heres How

About a third of the worlds food goes to waste often because of appearance this is enough to feed two billion people Such services supply can potentially drastically reduce world per capita consumption of red meat CRISPR is a promising gene
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New players and new tools in the bio-economy

This discovery once commercialized has a potential to drastically increase the supply of food reduce its price and reduce the Perry Hackett showed how gene editing can improve the quality of livestock in addition to reducing exposure to disease
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