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Genders Differ on How Much Commercial Real Estate Has Improved for Women

The commercial real estate industry has made strides to include more women in leadership positions, but men and women disagree on the extent of …Read more

Industry has improved for women but men and women disagree on how much

The commercial real estate brokerage industry has become Men and women have different attitudes towards work teams Women are more inclined to think teams should be gender-balanced
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Men And Women Agree CRE Is Becoming A Better Place For Women Just Not On The Rate Of Progress

Thirty-five percent of women difference in opinion are striking yet remarkably consistent within the gender groups Apto spokesperson Cary Brazeman said The commercial real estate industry is often viewed as a white mens club and has been for
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Industry Trends Just How Far Have Women Progressed in CRE

Catsimatidis took a different genders disagree on other matters such as gender pay and discrimination Whatever the reason it is inarguable that not enough progress has been made in how women are treated in the workplaceincluding commercial real
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Bridging the gender divide in commercial real estate

Times have clearly changed has 3500 members nationwide and hosts quarterly events The gender gap at CBRE and other major commercial brokerage persists but Karson acknowledged that the firms numbers are going up While women in commercial real
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In Their Own Words What Its Really Like To Be A Woman In Commercial Real Estate

There is something missing in the C-suite corner offices and late night deal-making sessions of the commercial real estate industry A decade later much is improved because women have earned their way into boardrooms C-suites and elected office
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Diversity and inclusion hows the CRE sector doing Part I

A 2016 CREW Network white paper titled Closing the Gap Addressing Gender Bias and Other Barriers for Women in Commercial Real Estate difference The good news is that the pipeline is starting to change notwithstanding the top which is still very
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