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Gen Z Are Pressuring the Travel Industry in All the Right Ways

The travel industry would be foolish to ignore this last fact. If there's one issue that reveals who Gen Z really are, it's their approach to the climate crisis.Read more

How Gen Z is ushering in the era of predictive internet

Gen Z are social media-minded However they use these platforms in ways that older generations wouldnt groups and pay close attention to how they are evolving and changing Right before our eyes were seeing the death of a broad-brush internet
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Sustainable style will Gen Z help the fashion industry clean up its act

In comparison just 34 of Generation industry Because all of that will benefit the bottom line So you find giants such as HM Mango and Zara launching sustainable collections and Asos having an eco edit You could view it as a step in the
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How new Generation Z is shaping the restaurant industry

Census figures show about 82 million people fall under Generation Z and 87 million under Millennials The oldest Gen Z members are about to turn 21 Teens spend more on food than clothing or electronics To connect with Gen Z restaurants must offer healthy
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A guide to hotel partnerships in 2020

Its time to change our ways partner with winners and earn the business of boomers Gen Xers and millennials alike Maybe the newest generation Gen Z will like our management experience in all facets of the industry The opinions expressed in
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Gen Z in the House The Future of Real Estate

Independent spirits that have and will continue to influence all industry says Sherry Chris president and CEO Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate LLC In many ways millennials are the last bridge generation between today and tomorrow Gen Z
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Theyre not millennials Targeting Generation Z

Millennials usually defined as those born from the early 80s through the mid-90s have been the dominant target generation of marketers for years and the travel industry First of all Gen Zers are decidedly not millennials Gen Z is already
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