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Galway International Arts Festival 2019: It has it licked

One of the highlights of the second week of Galway International Arts Festival was the Australian Gravity & Other Myths contemporary-circus company …Read more

The Brassie Golf Club Chesterton, Indiana

Whining with boobs: smudge

Amazing scenes

Galway International Arts Festival 2019 It has it licked

Crossing the Salmon Weir Bridge in Galway at night it is balmy and magical not so much the pale moon rising above the green mountain as the dark-blue big top lit up at night rising out of the River Corrib The sight signifies arts-festival time just
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In Galway you get great pubs and Irish history and literary culture without the Dublin crowds

Walkable Galway has fewer tourists and is a jumping-off point for more popular chains and European stores reside The Galway Arts Festival in July draws international comedians musicians writers and dancers for two weeks who wander into the streets
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Neil Delamere Whats the moon ever done for us

Were also looking at how some of the technology from NASA has transferred at the Vodafone Comedy Festival in Dublin this July Bank Holiday plus you can catch his new show Work in Progress at the Galway International Arts Festival and the Edinburgh
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The really empty space do you need actors to make theatre

Photograph Andrew DownesUrbancowXposure for Galway International Arts festival Its 50 years since Peter Brook What does this travelling salesman think about lying on this BB bed Why has this grown woman fled this family home
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Retail spotlight Charlie Byrnes Bookshop and The Blessington Book Store

From humble beginnings community-minded bookshop Charlie Byrnes has weathered 30 years of industry challenges as well as maintaining its position as the event bookseller at the Galway International Arts Festival Cirt International Festival of
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Galway International Arts Festival Apres le deluge – the show goes on

Its hard for a festival to take over a city and make its presence felt The Galway International Arts Festival was everywhere in the Food for the soul GIAF 2019 hit high notes in its first week with its high profile shows including the startling
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