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G20 Osaka: with US vs China on centre stage, an opportunity for Indonesia's Widodo

But the opportunity is there for Widodo to take; note that Indonesia has been appointed Asean coordinator for negotiating the RCEP. The G20 summit, whether through plenary sessions or bilateral meetings on its sidelines, offers Widodo opportunities to seal …Read more

G20 Osaka with US vs China on centre stage an opportunity for Indonesias Widodo

It also boosts Widodos legitimacy as leader of the worlds 15th-largest economy just as he meets other global leaders in Osaka for the The meeting offers an opportunity for trade dispute between the United States and China that threatens global
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G20 Summit comes to a close in Brisbane but what was really achieved

And yes perhaps it will set a benchmark for how to run a safe and secure international meeting but what was really achieved Chinas human rights abuses At the G20 it was clear the United States and China dubbed the G2 held centre stage with
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2017 biggest news The stories that grabbed your attention

The broadcaster had an opportunity than 100 trips to the US over the years but now says she is unlikely to ever go there again after her wrongful detainment by immigration officials at LA Airport earlier this month At G20 Donald Trump underlined
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to boycott Bahrain workshop

YATTA Palestinian men sit around a makeshift coffin with the words No to the deal of the century during a protest against a US-led meeting in Bahrain in this village near the West Bank city of Hebron yesterday AFP
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Why Asia-Pacific nations dont want to take sides in the US-China trade war at the G20

Read If the photo taken at the start of the Group of 20 summit in Osaka Japan and indirect impacts on our economy China can take a tougher stance in trade talks with US at G20 economists say Joko Widodos place in the diplomatic photo call
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Sustainable Development Economics

Free-market and Keynesian approaches dominate todays economic debates Yet neither approach is delivering good results underscoring the need for a new Sustainable Development Economics with governments promoting new types of investments
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