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Fund for the Arts and Louisville Tourism announce pilot “Art in Lou” project

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Fund for the Arts in partnership with Louisville Tourism has announced the creation of the Art in Lou pilot program. For the months …Read more

Imagine Greater Louisville 2020 Arts Culture Plan Sets Course for More Creative Region

In addition to Project arts and cultural communities as a driving force for Greater Louisville The Community Foundation of Louisville is honored to be a part of this effort and we are excited to announce a 250000 commitment over five years to fund
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Rules for Engagement From the University of Vermont

The scene this morning in Burlington Josh Brown UVM This morning I had the privilege of giving the commencement address at the University of VermontUVM home of the Catamounts in Burlington My wife Deb and I and our colleague John Tierney
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World War II veteran finally collects his war medals 74 years later

He remembers a frantic announcement Coburn was assigned to the Louisville on which he served until the end of the war One of his last major conflicts was during the Battle of Okinawa when a Japanese kamikaze pilot dive-bombed the Louisville
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The White House Rural Council Support for Rural America from the Ground Up

Through the work of the White House Rural Council for the Arts NEA Our Town grant program Wormfarm Institute a Reedsburg-based arts nonprofit brings together a diverse coalition of local farmers and community organizations to drive tourism and
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Black Union regiment flag Notorious BIG Pikachu the mini pony News from around our 50 states

She served as UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter pilot left active duty when her son was born and Chairman Phil Mendelson sought to fund the repairs by diverting money from other reserves Panama City Its been eight months since Hurricane Michael ripped
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More than 35000 Lake County residents commute to Illinois for work

Highland resident Kimberly Kosmas has been commuting into Chicago for work since she started her career in 1983 taking the South Shore Line to her job as a project manager for a utility company It was terribly difficult but I learned to leave at 545
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