Press "Enter" to skip to content is officially online to provide information on Fuchsia OS

About a month and a half ago a website dedicated to the new operating system of Google, Fuchsia, had temporarily appeared: in that short period of time those who tried to browse it immediately realized that there was nothing working. Today, however, the …Read more

Fuchsiadev Google launches official site about Fuchsia OS – 9to5Google

Today those appetites are beginning to be satisfied thanks to the quiet launch of the official Fuchsia OS developer website Fuchsiadev time to provide convenient access to information
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Project Fuchsia Google is quietly working on a successor to Android

But members of the Fuchsia team have discussed a grander plan that is being reported here for the first time Creating a single operating system online the engineers built encrypted user keys into the system — a privacy tool that ensures information
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