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FSSAI calls for colour-coded labels on products with high fat, sugar content

Makers of chips, soups, biscuits, juices and other packaged foods will soon have to display red colour coding on the front of packets of products that …Read more

FSSAI plans colour-coded lebel for packaged food products with high fat sugar salt

FSSAI said the new regulations also propose to make it mandatory to display red colour-coding on front-of-the-pack labels on packaged food products that have high-fat high-sugar and high-salt content levels This requirement would be implemented in
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Colour-coded label proposed for packaged food products

New Delhi Packaged food companies will be required to label high fat sugar and salt content levels on the front know more about the composition of food products so that they can make informed choices FSSAI said in a statement
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Indian regulator plots labelling overhaul for packaged foods

At present the norm is to put the labels at the back of the product Concerned about growing obesity levels in the country the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India FSSAI wants to see colour-coded high-fat high-sugar and high-salt content
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FSSAI wants additional tax on packaged food items beverages

New Delhi Indias food safety regulator Monday proposed a tax on all packaged foods with high fat sugar and salt content the labels the FSSAI notification added The regulator has urged companies to voluntarily reformulate their food products
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Food safety body looking at global norms to finalise labelling regulations

red colour coded labels for foods which have high levels of fat sugar and salt content Some food companies have raised concerns about the red colour-coded labels Pawan Agarwal CEO FSSAI said Food businesses have no issues with front-of-pack
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UN calls for action on obesity but stays silent on fat tax and labelling

According to the organisation nutritional labelling would place traditional Italian products granted European protected origin status in the dock due to their salt sugar and fat content that colour-coded FOP nutritional labels are needed
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