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From status symbol to sweet poison: A cultural history of sugar

Sweets for the kids, chocolate for heartbreak, ice cream during lunch break: We love sugar in every form — and the industry loves it too. Whether in …Read more

From status symbol to sweet poison A cultural history of sugar

How did pies become cakes and what do pharmacists have to do with candy A new exhibition explores the rise and fall of the reputation of this omnipresent ingredient Sweets for the kids chocolate for heartbreak ice cream during lunch break We love
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The 11 Best Elizabeth Bishop Poems

Shes grand otherworldly perhaps an image of female power but not dangerous inspiring in the passengers a sweet sensation of joy for those charged moments without knowing it Some poison had been leached by that violence and in
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Exhibit traces culture history of chocolate

a status symbol and a sweet treat opened recently at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman Chocolate The Exhibition traces the history of the food that originated in Mesoamerica with the Maya more than 1500 years ago and examines the foods cultural
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From Spain to Salonika a disappearing Shavuot tradition revisited

Some went so far as to avoid honey sugar a rich sweet challah His design for the bread was a little intimidating so the local Mexican bakery came to the rescue The baker Alejandro Bautista from Puebla was not familiar with Jewish culture
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Why Do We Love Pumpkin Spice So Much Theres A Long History Of The Fall Flavor

The cultural force of pumpkin spice in coffee has been substantial as a symbol of all kinds of sickly-sweet Western excess has a long and kind of bizarre history and the Starbucks confection is the least of it Spiced coffee had been a part of
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Why Do We Celebrate with Champagne

However determining the right amount of sugar required and avoiding bottle explosions took chemists almost a century to perfect Ronald S Jackson notes in Wine Science The original sweet version was viewed as a status symbol
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