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From Midsommar to martial arts: how movie cults got real

There's plenty of both in Riley Stearns's new film, The Art of Self-Defense, and yet it takes a more analytically anthropological bent of curiosity to its …Read more

From Midsommar to martial arts how movie cults got real

Jesse Eisenberg in The Art of Self-Defense Photograph Bleecker Street As hes been making the press-circuit rounds in support of his latest feature Midsommar director Ari Aster has stated that the film a daytime nightmare about a mentally
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33 movies that shaped superhero flicks from Batman to Spider-Man and back

Which is to say Ang Lee then best known for emotionally chilly 70s domestic drama The Ice Storm and gorgeous martial arts flick Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was hired to make checks notes a movie about guy but no real heroes
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SXSW 2019 Talking Martial Arts and Masculinity with the Director and Cast of The Art of Self Defense

In real life Im so anti-violence I practice martial arts but I dont ever Faults explores one cult members personal relationship to a cult That was fun to explore since lots of cult movies tend to focus on the group mentality and here
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How Cooley High changed the landscape for black films in 1975

Robert Townsend the acclaimed director of such films as 1987s Hollywood Shuffle and 1991s The Five Heartbeats got his start in the biz This is where I grew up this is real Its a movie but its making me laugh its
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Heres Your First Look At Cara Delevingne Jaden Smith Shooting Life In A Year

The model-actress shared an Instagram video on Friday of herself learning martial arts Real Warning This post contains spoilers for Midsommar The first time Dani Ardor Florence Pugh really smiles in Ari Asters Midsommar shes high on a I Go
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Must See Movies of 2019

So let us take a look at the movies both the real man and the character of the same name Fails portrays onscreen Read the full review here Perhaps a comedic answer to the question of what would happen if Travis Bickle took a martial arts class
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