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From lost key to bomb threat: Weirdest reasons a cricket game was stopped

As South Africa took on Sri Lanka in a World Cup game in Durham on Friday, the ground was abuzz, and not just because of the action on the pitch. While Sri Lanka batted, a swarm of bees invaded the pitch. Players and umpires promptly hit the deck to avoid …Read more

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The setting sun has in the recent past rendered the London Stadium unusable for cricket while the pitch in Delhis Ranji game against Uttar Pradesh earlier this month was stopped by a man driving his car onto the pitch completely ignoring attempts
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Wimbledon is key target for Al Qaeda bombers

The chilling threat comes as Muslim extremists including the 500 or so Britons fighting in Syria and Iraq have been told to bring the battle to Britain Wimbledon fortnight which starts tomorrow is a key target The threat to bomb Wimbledon
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Nine talking points from Super Rugby Round 12

As they say dont hate the player hate the game thats impressive The weird thing is that this Sharks side has performed far better in away games than at home Of their five away games this season theyve only lost two while at home
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Birmingham pub bombing victims murdered after botched IRA warning jury rules

Those dreadful events will never be forgotten because the people of Birmingham will never forget the 21 lives that were tragically lost He added testimony that police responding to such bomb threats were not routinely told if the warnings had
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NFL Week 15 grades Packers get a B somehow keep winning Colts get an A

The only reason stopped the Eagles on a two-point conversion that wouldve won it for Philly The only thing worse than turning the ball over in an NFL game is turning the ball over in the red zone something that the Lions did TWICE in this game A
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Election Results Could be Good for Pakistan Bad for US

A key problem is that American interests in Pakistan have had A former Deputy Secretary of the Pentagon in the months after 911 threatened to bomb Pakistan back to the Stone Age if it didnt fully get on board and support the new US
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