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From Helsinki To The Moon: How Finland Is Changing The Role Of Fashion

While Helsinki Fashion Week (HFW) is not the largest platform in the region, it is by far the most provocative and promising which is on-brand for the …Read more

Yes Theory

The Greatest Marketing Opportunities in Our Society | Keynote at VaynerMedia London 2018

Tarja Halonen, Conference Patron, former President of the Republic of Finland

Bella Sin "Single Frame"

From Helsinki To The Moon How Finland Is Changing The Role Of Fashion

From its healthcare system to handling of natural resources Scandinavia is a major point of reference in socio-cultural debates Finland specifically plays an exemplary role in this An early champion of the Eurozone it is not yet a member of NATO
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Speed Up Slow Down Meditations on Time Scale and Assessing Value From Francesco Risso Benjamin Kirchhoff and More

Time was the overarching theme of Speed Up Slow Down a seminar organized in Helsinki by Aalto University and Juni Communication Production A selection of fashion professionals Plus a change Risso recounts his first attempts at crafting
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Troye Sivans Coming of Age

One night when he was fifteen he said he was talking about religion with his father who raised him and his three siblings as Orthodox Jews I said to him If there was anything about religion you could change what would you change And he said
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Saudi teachers to be trained in best global practices in Finland

On the role of teachers Minister Grahn-Laasonen pointed out that teachers are recognized as the keys to quality in education Education in Finland is free of charge for every citizen and all students are provided free meals in both basic and second
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Finlands Fascinating Genes

western Finland That is the Nordic type Leena Peltonen is one of the worlds leading medical geneticists In 1998 she was recruited from Helsinki University to become the founding chairwoman of the Department of Human Genetics at UCLAs medical
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The BRIC nations response to climate change is critical to the fate of the planet

Ban Ki-Moon UN secretary-general Jorma Korhonen director general of external economic relations for Finlands foreign affairs ministry Nasa climatologist James Hansen the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change environmental nonprofits
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