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From Cyclone to Food Crisis: Ensuring the needs of women and girls are prioritized in the Cyclone …

COSACA – the humanitarian agencies group consisting of Oxfam, CARE and Save the Children – are concerned that current food insecurity is just a …Read more

Hurricane Michael 2018 full coverage and updates

The National for Monday August 28th: Hurricane, Cabinet Shuffle, Dealership's GPS Maneuver

Here & Now Wednesday May 1, 2019

2019 Annual Meeting of Stockholders

One Month After Cyclone Idai Food Shortages Outpace Funding

BEIRAHARARELILONGWE April 12 2019 The effects of last months Cyclone Idai are threatening to create a catastrophic hunger crisis compounded by the existing food women and girls at the center of our market assessments and ensuring that
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A Crisis of Overweight and Obesity in Latin America and the Caribbean

This situation is particularly serious for women region needs to act on the complex interactions between food security sustainability agriculture nutrition and health to build a hunger and malnutrition free Latin America and the Caribbean
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Human Rights Watch Submission to the Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women on Iraq

Human Rights Watch and other organizations documented a system of organized rape sexual slavery and forced marriage by Islamic State also known as ISIS forces of Yezidi women and girls 1 ISIS victims need supportive programs that will aid in
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The worlds 5 biggest refugee crises

With your support Mercy Corps is responding to this crisis with emergency assistance to help refugees meet their urgent needs around the world Our refugee response reaches people in more than 20 countries with support like cash food water shelter
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Are earthquakes like the one in Nepal different for women

I go up and down each day to visit them to try to arrange food and the medicines they need she said A major crisis like their needs are prioritized Thats why in emergencies Oxfam tries to keep the needs of women and girls in sharp
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Organic village of female farmers

And I firmly believe the women and girls of Maheshwarchanda have just done that and the world has to know it The need of organic farming and More importantly producing safe food is the key to ensuring good health and these women have done this
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