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Friday briefing: Gig economy making jobs ever more tenuous

Back in the world of the conservative leadership battle, the Times reports: “Stamp duty slashed in Johnson's no-deal budget”, the Guardian says: “Johnson's 'false promises' locking UK into no deal, says Brussels chief”, the i reports: “Davidson: UK could break …Read more

Friday briefing Gig economy making jobs ever more tenuous

Hello Warren Murray here with Fridays plat du journalism Workers rights have failed to keep pace with the dismantling of the nine-to-five working week as Britains gig economy has more than doubled in size over three years to account for 47
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Brexit Brunei Frogs Your Friday Briefing

The sight of this proud rigid woman admitting that she could not finish the job giving up her hopes of ever being remembered as anything of Silicon Valley darlings that have created the gig economy Brunei Beginning April 3 the country will
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Can Uber Lyft treat drivers better and make money

Recent court decisions in California Britain France and elsewhere are redefining the legal status of certain gig-economy workers by recognizing more of them as employees its hard to imagine either company will ever make big profits
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Rep Devin Nuness latest stunt could make Trumps Russia problem worse

Devin Nunes ever reveal sources Since then there have two more developments Nunes has apologized to fellow committee members for going to the White House with information about wiretapping without consulting them And crucially as of Friday
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The Finance 202 Some corporate interests swiftly align against tax overhaul

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act would participating in the gig economy could see tougher income reporting requirements that make it harder for them to avoid paying taxes Insurance companies could lose a host of tax breaks worth more than 31 billion
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A step-by-step guide to get richer healthier and happier in 31 days

Its the tendency for getting everything we want to make us unhappy The more self-aware you are Its also crucial to look away from the gig economy and part-time jobs he said and put your energy toward creating something unique and
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