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Free thought, boundless hospitality define Algerian arts festival

The occasion was the 16th edition of Raconte-Arts, Algeria's wildly popular community arts festival. Each year, a different Kabylie village hosts the …Read more

Free thought boundless hospitality define Algerian arts festival

The homegrown independent Raconte-Arts has become Algerias most important community arts festival but can it cope with the challenges posed by its own success High up in Kabylie the mountainous region where locals have doggedly resisted Algerias
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How Egypt functions in the Moroccan imagination

Street art of legendary Egyptian singer Oum Kalthoum but at least it has enough spark to result in receiving free caramel tiramisu and Miranda lime Facetiousness aside I thought the recent Economist article on the decline of Egyptian Arabic read
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Cannes Film Review Gaspar Nos Climax

It even has a fairly straightforward concept Twenty dancersplayed by 19 non-actors plus Algerian actress and The Cannes Film Festival runs from May 819 Were committed to keeping our content free and accessiblemeaning no paywalls or
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Dario Mohr brings Fine Art to the forefront of Fashion

Daft Minerva is a boundless uninhibited revolution for the hip anti-hipster with the intent to bring fine art to the forefront of fashion One of the boutiques Co-founder Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts Co-founder Powder Keg Festival that
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Aisha Gaddafi gives birth to baby girl hours after fleeing to Algeria Mail Online

Algeria said it had no option but to give refuge to the family and said it was a holy rule of hospitality to take in those in and then begun heading towards Algiers the Algerian capital An Algerian government official said Aisha gave
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cell as suspects sent to Egypt

KUWAIT Sailors apply a mixture of white cement and animal grease habab and shouna to the body of a dhow yesterday as part of preparations for the pearl diving festival Pearl-diving trips are held annually under the patronage of HH the Amir in order to
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