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France shuts 4000 schools over expected hottest temperature in history

The average temperature already hit almost 35C on Wednesday, already a record for the month of June. Edouard Philippe, the prime minister, announced that 4,000 schools in France would be closed on Friday due to the extreme heat. Four departments in …Read more

The Edge of the Abyss – Mountain Warfare On The Italian Front I THE GREAT WAR Special

A Style For You | 어 스타일 포유 – Ep.8 (2015.06.08)

Chris Hedges at Moravian College: The Myth of Human Progress and the Collapse of Complex Societies

Майорка. Орёл и Решка. Морской сезон/По морям-2 (Russian, English subtitles)

France shuts 4000 schools over expected hottest temperature in history

France has closed 4000 schools on what is expected to be the hottest day in its history as Europes hellish heatwave was blamed for several deaths including a young farm worker in Spain In some parts of France notably down South the mercury could
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The Origins of 15 Delightful Carnival Rides

Theres some dispute over who invented the road-raging carnival favorite The spinning attraction became especially popular in France where 17th century riders tried to pierce a target while moving at high speed The power source
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Residents grapple with life in the shadows steel plant

But producing coke light-gray lumps with a silver sheen is dirty work as coal is baked at high temperatures 1000 of the citys 4000 homes are abandoned or blighted and residents have gone without a grocery store for over a decade
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10 Charts That Tell The Story Of Energy In 2017

Introduced in its beta form EPIC looks forward to expanding the usability value and public reach of the tool over in K-12 schools in California They found that while the energy efficiency upgrades lowered energy consumption at the average school
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As temperatures rocket cities fight heat waves

Phoenix saw its hottest combined June He points to France in recent heat waves where the temperature of the water used to cool nuclear power plants got so warm the reactors nearly had to be shut down Any city or state that doesnt have a plan
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Boiled alive

Theres no reason anyone should die of the hot weather says Sari Kovats a researcher on the health implications of heatwaves at the London School France was on alert yesterday as temperatures soared to 38C – just over 100F – in parts of the country
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