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Four-times-stronger painkiller found in Endone pack

Pharmacists are being encouraged to inspect the contents of Endone 5mg tablets, after one pack was found to contain Anamorph 30mg. The TGA has advised consumers and health professionals that in conjuction with Aspen Pharma, it is undertaking a …Read more

Fentanyl: The Drug Deadlier than Heroin

Painkiller: Inside the Opioid Crisis

Death by Fentanyl, Part 1: The ‘serial killer’ of drugs

FDA approves opioid painkiller 1,000 times stronger than morphine

Painkiller quarantined after drug four times stronger found in box

A box of Endone has been found to contain a sleeve of Anamorph which is four times strongerCreditJustin McManus The Anamorph tablets are approximately four times the Endone equivalent dose so there is a theoretical potential for overdose particularly
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Painkiller Endone pulled from shelves as wrong drug found in package

Australians using painkiller Endone are being confirmed on Tuesday that a single pack of Endone 5mg tablets in South Australia was found to contain a blister sheet of much stronger Anamorph
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Mystery surrounds the late withdrawal from auction of Salim Mehajers 40000 white Porsche at the centre of infamous door-slamming incident

He had climbed into the vehicle to escape a media pack they found more than 200 pills of prescription anxiety and pain medications during a raid on his Lidcombe home in November 2017 On November 8 officers allegedly found 174 tablets of Endone
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Fine line between relief and craving in opioid war

Levels of opioid overdose are at record levels in Australia and internationally the TGAs discussion paper says suggesting possible regulatory reforms to minimise opioid damage including reducing pack sizes for chronic pain have found that
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20 No Kids Small Frame Always Wanted Larger Boobs Brisbane AU

I found that in my sleep I rolled havent felt the need to go to bed with a heat pack or an ice pack Ive been woken up with terrible stabbing pains in my left Breast Its about 3am Ive had some pain relief and used a heat pack but its not going
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Sport and spinal injury – a conversation with Ben Darwin

So the weight of the pack called Endone which I think is an oral form of morphine I might have to be corrected on that but that was actually very hard to get off because the only time I would feel normal was when I was taking this pain medication
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