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FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT reports on the food revolution underway in the US that could …

Opening the winter season of Foreign Correspondent, Craig Reucassel reports on the food revolution underway in the US that could very well change …Read more

There are surprising signs that Trumps maximum pressure on Iran could lead to talks

Surprising new signs are emerging that President Donald Trumps controversial maximum pressure campaign on Iran could set the table for new Wall Street Journal for more than 25 years as a foreign correspondent assistant managing editor and as
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Terrible and Glorious Days Covering the Contra War of the 1980s

You walked for days under a burning tropical sun or a tropical downpour Then the jungle exploded and men began to bleed Then you slogged again The Contra War resembled the Vietnam War more than it did the Sandinista-led revolution of 1979 And it was on
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Italian police officer allegedly killed by American teens remembered as hero

He worked as hard as a carabinieri as a volunteer helping others helping the poor helping the weak bringing his clothes to the train station bringing food to the needy serves as a Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent based in Milan Italy
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POLITICO Playbook The political world Trump made

Monday evening senior Republicans told us they expected 10 or fewer Republicans Part B based on those mandated by foreign countries That means seniors may face restricted access to medicines and could wait years to get new medicines just like
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PM said pushing rare plan for Palestinian construction in West Banks Area C

Britains Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab of four candidates in the top nine Channel 12 reports The negotiations with the Union of Right-wing Parties have progressed significantly and an agreement could be announced today Religious right-wing
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When the American Press Bent the Rules to Fight Hitler

After their meetings with Churchill and other top British officials the two emissaries agreed on what they would report back to the president As Mowrer put it his italics Britain under Churchill As a former foreign correspondent and editor
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