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For the First Time Spider-Man Will Feature Character Wearing Hijab

When the trailer for the latest Spider-Man film dropped back in January fans were quick to point out the unlikely appearance of a hijabi character. Spider-Man: Far from Home, the latest film in the Marvel franchise, is due out this summer. And for the first time …Read more

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Marvel's Spider-Man – Iron Spider Suit Revealed | PS4

For the First Time Spider-Man Will Feature Character Wearing Hijab

We are a people who have known centuries of strife and constant readjustment so its no surprise that the community want stability and prosperity for their children hence why they encourage us to take a more secure career path When the trailer for the
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Spider-Man Far from Home features the first hijabi character in the MCU

Actress Zoha Rahman wears a hijab for her part in Spider-Man Far From Home Picture Instagram British actress Zoha Rahman will be the first hijabi character to feature in the Marvel at this for the first time and theres a muslim girl
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Talking representation and Hollywood with Zoha Rahman Marvels first hijabi character in Spider-Man

Spider-Man Far from Home the latest film in the Marvel franchise is due out this summer And for the first time ever the film will feature a character wearing the hijab We caught up with actress Zoha Rahman who plays the part of Peter Parkers Muslim
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Hot Toys Spider-Man Far From Home Stealth Suit Spider-Man Figure Unveiled

Its the product of Hot Toys first collaboration with the designers at Studio HIVE and it features two LED lighting modes Beyond that the Hot Toys Spider-Man character designs of all time
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Spider-Man Far From Home Review

The first feature to miss Spider-Man on the big screen as Far From Home is now the 10th feature in which the character has appeared in the last 17 years but with films like this audiences arent going to grow tired of him any time soon
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SPIDER-MAN FAR FROM HOME Poster Reveals A Hi-Res Look At The Stealth Suit New Featurette Released

It also features some brand new and it looks pretty damn cool First glimpsed in Captain America Civil War and later highlighted in Spider-Man Homecoming it was a bold decision by Marvel to have Peter wear this while doing battle with The Vulture
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