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For China, US soybeans are small fry; crude, LNG, coal are the main game

China’s purchase of some U.S. soybeans is being viewed as a tentative sign of a little détente in the dispute between the world’s two largest economies, but real progress would be a resumption of what had been a burgeoning energy trade. U.S. and Chinese …Read more

COLUMN-For China US soybeans are small fry crude LNG coal are the main game Russell

game Russell The opinions A modest tick higher in soybean purchases may make for a good sound bite but the real action will be if China agrees to resume buying US crude LNG and coal in meaningful volumes
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China plans tariffs on US60b of US goods in latest trade salvo

The market is not large by value compared with approximately US12 billion of US crude that came to China last year but LNG imports could shoot up as Beijing forges ahead with its plan to switch millions of households to the fuel away from coal
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Market Contango Leads To A Dangerous Game In Oil

Typically in the energy markets the nearby contract is higher than the deferred contracts because crude oil is worth more if you didnt have it today Its different from markets like corn or soybeans that Technically the main trend is down
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Waterfront Shipping to Commission New Ships Built With Flex-Fuel Engines

VANCOUVER BRITISH COLUMBIA–Marketwired – Dec 9 2013 – Waterfront Shipping Company Ltd has reached for cargoes including automobiles iron ore coal wood chips crude oil liquefied natural gas LNG and chemicals For more information please
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Spike in oil smuggling blunts pressure campaign on North Korea

Many of the vessels bore crude disguises the vessel pulled alongside a small unidentified foreign tanker in the South China Sea to take on a load of petroleum before heading back to its home port Similarly in May the coal-carrying ship Kal Ma
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The high price of the gas boom

The liquefied natural gas LNG export boom will make it virtually impossible for Australia to meet the Governments carbon emissions reduction target The high price of gas in Australia has made replacing coal-fired including China and the US and
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