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Football League shows its teeth over Bury but can still improve its rules

… with a characteristically beefy, pugnacious statement on Tuesday, arguing the EFL was “ignoring the facts”, he had indeed sent full “proof of funds”, and accusing it of issuing an “incendiary statement for no gain to anybody other than to discredit Bury FC and …Read more

Football League shows its teeth over Bury but can still improve its rules David Conn

Burys opening game of the season has been suspended while the EFL tries to find out if the club has enough money for the whole campaignFor supporters of clubs in crisis who have repeatedly accused the English Football League of weak governance in recent
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Harry Kane shows the way as walking footballs popularity takes off

A key role of the website is to help shape a sport still very much in its infancy football fixture was staged by Barclays Digital Eagles who gave Steve practical advice on how to improve his website To find out how a Digital Eagle can improve
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An Inside Look into the Harsh Conditions of Minor League Baseball

But minor league baseball is not a fantasy Its a profession A cruel one that justifies its or power over the MLBPAs negotiating table Is it not egregious that in this country rules for how one group of people should be treated can still be
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America wants safer football but will fans support the NFLs changes

America is concerned about the safety of its a rival league such as the Alliance of American Football which plans to begin play in 2019 or the second coming of the XFL which plans to start in 2020 A rival league could say that it still plays
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I woke up crying for Notts County as they fight for their soul their supporters and their pride

I was also there a few years later seeing them clinch promotion from the third Division against Tranmere Rovers which ended with a 4-1 victory in front of over 23000 fans In the following season with me still the Football League and one of its
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AFL football is meant to be hard But the way we talk about it needs to soften

Photograph Julian SmithAAP In recent times a number of high profile Australian rules footballers And therein lies much of its appeal The game despite all the efforts to tinker with it still holds up But the wider football world needs to soften
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