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Food Delivery Drivers Eating Your Food

Food Delivery Drivers Eating Your Food … Nina Kapur has the latest on a survey that found many food deliverymen eat some of their customer's food.Read more

1 In 4 Food Delivery Drivers Admit To Eating Your Food

The smell of a mouthwatering meal is hard to ignore especially when it belongs to someone else At least thats the suggestion of a recent study which found that nearly 30 of drivers are snacking from the food theyre responsible for delivering
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Nearly 30 of delivery drivers admit to taking food from an order according to a new survey

Sometimes paranoia isnt just paranoia
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More than 1 in 4 delivery drivers eat your food order study

More than one in four food delivery drivers have taken a bite of out of an order according to a nausea-inducing new study The survey conducted by US Foods revealed this week that 28 percent of
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1 in 4 food delivery drivers admit to eating your meal before dropping it off study says

Next time youre starving at home with no food in the house you might want to drive to a restaurant instead of ordering from an app delivery service A new study says 28 of drivers hired by
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Are your Uber Eats DoorDash and Postmates delivery drivers munching on your food

If youre one of the 41 percent of Americans who say theyve used a food delivery app in the last 90 days theres a good chance your driver munched on your order Thats the finding of a new US Foods study in which a shocking number of delivery drivers
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Delivery drivers are eating your food study finds

ROSEMONT Ill If you order food from a delivery service a new study says you might want to reconsider the habit Data from US Foods found 28 percent of delivery drivers confess to nibbling
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