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Food as Hallmark to Nationhood

When it comes to food, we should be grateful that at least the aubergine—brinjal or baingan—is confirmed to have originated here, even though the …Read more

56 years 13 Presidents Nigerias tortuous road to nationhood

Maj-General Muhammadu Buhari Head of State December 1983-August 1985 Shagaris increasingly unpopular government was overthrown by military leaders among whom was Buhari who later made the hallmark of his regime war against corruption During Buhari
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Ngahiwi Tomoana Tragedy a hallmark of nationhood

He returned home thank goodness with about five others from Waipatu Tragedy seems to be a hallmark of nationhood Ngti Kahungunu iwi was formed in the 1820s following mass slaughters at Pakake Pa Ahuriri by invading forces armed with muskets from
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Mr President take the challenge of nationhood Kenyans will follow you

The challenge of nationhood remains intact It was devoid of displays of anger and name-calling that the leaders have previously made the hallmark of Jamhuri Day The President warned the corrupt and the indolent He told them that their picnic was
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Nigeria The challenge of nationhood

No the reason can be located in careless and reckless approach to serious challenges of nationhood that has become the hallmark of various governments in this nation In the case of the Northeast we branded the deviants as religious fundamentalists and
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Namibia Oviritje Artists Among the Thrills At Mother of All Parties Concert

The two nights hallmark concert will first kick off The concert is supported by the Namibian Nationhood National Pride Campaign the Ritja Career Fair and Windhoek Food and Wine Expo Tickets go for N 50 per night and are available in advance
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Author of the moment Kamila Shamsie on what it is to be a Muslim today

Home Fire entwines a tale of family politics fundamentalism duty heritage identity and nationhood to explore one of today of demonising minorities is also the hallmark of dictatorships Shamsie nonetheless has a deep abiding love for
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