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Flood in River Chenab as India release water without prior information

The water level at River Chenab has increased causing flood in nearby areas after India released millions cusecs water without prior information. READ MORE: JI to announce future line of action on August 25 in Peshawar: Siraj ul Haq. In an act of water …Read more

River Chenab flooded after India releases millions cusecs water without prior information

Water released by India caused 55000 cusecs water increase in five hours LAHORE Dunya News In an act of water terrorism India has released millions cusecs water into the river Chenab without prior information about water release till now
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Kashmir A Water War in the Making

In Cameron Strachers 2011 novel The Water Wars hydropower project on Chenab river which Islamabad says involves faulty designs Earlier in 2013 the International Court of Arbitration decided that India shall release a minimum flow of 9
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Major river overflows as flooding inundates India Pakistan

The Chenab River The flooding began earlier this month in Kashmir which is claimed by both India and Pakistan It caused landslides and submerged much of the main city of Srinagar on the Indian-administered side ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW The water
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India releases water into River Sutlej worsens flood in nearby villages

India released water into River Sutlej for the second time despite flooding in nearby villages As a result villages located by the river bank will most likely be destroyed completely while more than 50 villages near the river will suffer damage
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Odisha moves CWC over releasing water into Hirakud by Chhattisgarh

Jena said advance information regarding release of flood water would continue to open gates without prior knowledge of the Odisha government it would be difficult for us to manage flood said an officer in the water resources department
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China issues flood alert in Brahmaputra Arunachal Assam caution people

China has alerted India about the rising water in river Tsangpo called Siang in Arunachal Pradesh and Brahmaputra in Assam leading to possibility of floods in downstream waters and hence China has shared the information with India
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