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Floating ideas on Ireland's migrant culture

Jason Deans' exhibition in Cobh touches on Brexit and emigration, writes Colette Sheridan. Looking out from one of the bay windows of the Sirius Arts …Read more

Floating ideas on Irelands migrant culture

The LE Samuel Beckett patrols Irish waters We are kind of a migrant people so I wanted a representation of Irish people emigrating Im fascinated by how migrants are perceived abroad Under the raised boat are hundreds of old crumpled boarding passes
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Youll never regret learning a second language even if you dont speak it every day

I always wanted to be able to put those floating pieces together from asking for the nearest pharmacy to something almost approximating an exchange of ideas with the women who worked the coffee machine near our accommodation All this has helped
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A Musician for the Class Struggle

This was in part the result of West German culture at the time still traumatized by its participation The piece tells the story of a migrant laborer who is arrested and imprisoned in a concentration camp Nono made no excuses for the explicitly
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We used to think photos like this could change the world What needs to change is who we are

It shows a father and his daughter face down at the edge of a river their bodies floating in the muddy water in the photo by Julia Le Duc has been documented Salvadoran migrant scar Alberto Martnez Ramrez and his toddler daughter Valeria
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Trump administration loosens rules for HRAs

Learn more HHS REVIEWS REFUGEE OPERATIONS AS TRUMP CALLS FOR BORDER CRACKDOWN Lynn Johnson the agencys recently confirmed assistant secretary for family support is reviewing her new portfolio three months after the migrant crisis paralyzed the
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Why I Took On Arindam Chaudhuri

I might be critical about his ideas and ways of training his students who seem to be disconnected from the rest of the country a migrant worker in Bihar part of the large floating population which is possibly around 100 million and lastly a
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