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Flight Culture and the Human Experience

Call for Participants. 55th Annual Walter Prescott Webb Lecture Series. “Flight Culture and the Human Experience”. 16 & 17 April 2020. (deadline for …Read more

A Garden Party and 21 Other Things to Do in August at the Smithsonian

an astounding human beatbox introduces kids to the most powerful musical instrument ever their own body With lots of audience participation and exciting on-the-spot improvisations Max covers themes in hip-hop culture language math and music
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The Role Of AI And Machine Learning In Talent Acquisition

As the head of talent acquisition for a high-growth technology company with lofty ambitions I know firsthand that recruiting top-flight candidates is challenging systems that include the best of human experience and AI capabilities
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Managing High-Stakes Situations 5 Lessons from the Pentagon

At that point a few hours into the flight In my experience the best defense isnt just a communications plan but also a workplace culture where people are encouraged to face problems
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Trumps Plan to Develop the Moon and Mars Will Change the Future of the Human Race Opinion

Then the next generation can build on this accomplishment to make travel throughout the solar system and travel by families a normal part of the human experience with large and the space flight logistic system bringing people back and forth on what
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She was first Pakistani to visit the North and South poles Now shell be the first in space

And with her 200000 ticket on Virgin Galactics suborbital flights two human spaceflights recently to space We in this suborbital spaceflight community are very supportive of each other I dont think that Ive seen any in my experience
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To the Moon and Back Brian Eno on Revisiting Apollo

Brian Eno strongly believes he saw the flight path overhead of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin the first human to travel into space then you must be very serious In my experience this isnt true When the time came to focus on the music the trio
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