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Flaks og marginer har en grense

LE HAVRE (Dagbladet): Så ble det ikke medaljekamper på Norge kvinner A likevel. Ingen semifinale i Lyon. Ingen bronsefinale eller finale som den ultimate konsekvensen av seier i kvartfinalen mot England. Ikke noe OL i Japan i 2020. Og det bør ikke …Read more

Netanyahu warns storm is not over 19000 lose power

Hail and snow were reported in the north from early Wednesday and spread to elevated peaks in the center of the pictwittercom67by0h0BAm The West Bank settlements of Itamar Elon Moreh Har Bracha Kiryat Netafim and Yitzhar lose power
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WhatsApp limits message forwarding to combat fake news

WhatsApp and Facebook have been drawing lots of flake har blitt forberedt av IG Europe GmbH og IG Markets Ltd begge IG I tillegg til disclaimeren nedenfor inneholder ikke denne siden oversikt over kurser eller tilbud om eller oppfordring til en
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Jol Robuchons Legacy Explained in Eight Dishes

The first time while at his restaurant in Paris I was organizing and reorganizing my mise-en-place when he approached s most decorated chef before he died on Monday with 32 stars spread out over restaurants in 13 cities These achievements earned
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Ted Cruz Moonlights as Legal Scholar and Other Odd Political Hobbies

Ted Cruz may do both this reporter spotted him alone at a Washington movie theater some months back but he also writes Harvard Law Review art and built his wife a chicken coop for Christmas one year Not extreme enough
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Dark matter experiment finds no evidence of axions

Physicists from MIT and elsewhere have performed the first run of a new experiment to detect axionshypothetical particles that are predicted to be among the lightest particles in the universe If they exist axions would be virtually invisible yet
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Goodbye to rugged American individualism

Bernd Debusmann is a Reuters columnist The opinions expressed are his own Shock Horror The United States is becoming more like Europe The rugged individualism that makes up part of the countrys self-image may be doomed Paternalism
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