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Five Jony Ive designs you probably don't know

British designer Sir Jony Ive has said he is leaving tech giant Apple after more than two decades at the firm. While at Apple, Sir Jonathan designed hugely successful products including the iPhone, iPod and iMac. As he prepares to launch his own venture, …Read more

Auli'i Cravalho – How Far I'll Go

Introducing the new iPad Pro — Apple

Apple's Jony Ive on the Lessons He Learned From Steve Jobs | Vanity Fair


Five Jony Ive designs you probably dont know

its worth remembering that Ives design career has so far included more than those blockbuster devices Here are some Jony Ive originals you may not have heard of While there he was asked to work on a number of products – including microwaves and a
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A Reminiscence of Jony Ives Design Legacy

You know theyre going to put that amount of care into the details Its always been about the details with Jony Ive Steve would probably not think so but hes a designer Ive said We integrated into what he sees
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Apples famous design team now has no original members left

Five were Bart Andre and Jony Ive You know all about Ive but Andre is also still on the team today and has an astonishing track record of patents He was key on the original iPad to name just one product out of hundreds of designs and patents
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Jony Ive says we sense care in good design Apple will continue to be revolutionary and more in new interview

Remnick asks where design comes from Ive says it comes from different places Things will drive you on for five years Ive says that in hindsight everything seems inevitable but for the vast majority of developing 99 of the work fails Jony says
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How To Let Web Design Drive Your Marketing Strategy

Ive worked with many clients who do not know what they want when it comes to their websites Some find five totally different and new you will most likely need a good designer Just as Steve Jobs had his Jony Ive you too will need your own Jony
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Jonys Patience

I was told a story about Jonathan Ive a few months ago that Ive spent a lot of time thinking about ever since As the story goes about 6 or 7 years ago a big company tried to recruit Jony Ive to run Design you joined your company you probably
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