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First UK Tesla Model 3 deliveries handed over to customers

The Tesla Model 3’s arrival in the UK has been anticipated for a long time now. The US brand promised it would be an affordable alternative to both conventionally powered and electrified models from other manufacturers, but a number of issues delayed its …Read more

FIRST LOOK UK 2019 Tesla Model 3

Right Hand Drive Tesla In Europe On Autopilot. What could go wrong?

First Right Hand Drive Tesla Model 3

21 June 2019 | Live From Tesla UK For Model 3 Right Hand Drive Handovers

First Tesla Model 3 RHD to be delivered in UK this week

Tesla any day now should start customer deliveries of the first right-hand drive RHD Tesla Model 3 in the UK The first trucks loaded with Model 3 already were seen in the UK driving towards London A few customers also already reported confirmed
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Right-hand drive Tesla Model 3 finally arrives in the UK

THE PATIENCE of Tesla Model 3 reservation holders in Britain has at last been rewarded as the first deliveries of right-hand drive customer cars have begun in the UK The electric car maker first started taking reservations more than three years ago
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Tesla Model 3 is delivered to UK customers on Clean Air Day 2019

And now three years on UK customers will finally be able to get behind the wheel of the Tesla Model 3 experts will be on-hand throughout the day to issue EV information and a Jaguar I-PACE the brands first all-electric SUV will
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Tesla begins first UK deliveries of new Model 3

Teslas first UK handed over to their owners some of who have been waiting for three years for their new EV To coincide with Clean Air Day yesterday the American manufacturer offered a special launch event for the new owners The Model 3
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Teslas first Model 3s hit the road in the UK Mass market electric car on sale for 38900

Tesla has handed customers delivered 500000 cars worldwide Incredibly the Model 3 accounts for nearly 140000 of those units sold despite only just arriving in the UK It was best-selling premium vehicle including SUVs in the US for 2018 the
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Tesla confirms price and delivery times for Model 3 in Ireland

Available to order through its online portal Tesla has said that the basic price of the Model 3 in Ireland will be 48900 for rear-wheel drive and starting from 60700 for its all-wheel drive version The first delivery to hand over some of
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