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First Opal Tower apartment sells since cracking

One lucky Opal Tower apartment owner has managed to escape the building cracking turmoil — with a profit.Read more

Opal Tower nightmare Devastated owners cant sell tainted units

Police speak with residents after an inspection of the Opal Tower by firefighters and engineers late Christmas Eve after residents reported hearing a loud crack the area since December A view from inside one of Opal Tower apartments which was
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Sydney Opal Tower apartment building evacuated after reports of cracking noises

NSW Fire and Rescue acting superintendent Greg Wright said the crack was on level 10 of the building and although it had moved it had not moved since this at Olympic Park Opal Tower opened this year and contains 392 apartments
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First Opal Towers now Mascot Towers – whats going on with Sydneys cracking high rises

How much greater could the cracking and Opal developments inability to rent or sell One agent reported this week that opportunistic buyers were ringing up with ridiculous offers A10000 to A100000 for an apartment in Mascot Towers where
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Inside Opal Tower debacle

When opal turns to tears again it will bring down Australias booming high rise apartment business From the Opal Tower Sydney Residents Facebook page No one heard the first one soft and low like an eggshell cracking By early afternoon
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Opal Tower owner still caught in financial nightmare

At Sydneys Opal Tower were responsible for the towers cracked walls Seven months on Ivys apartment which is an investment property is still unoccupied She has not received any rent for her level 7 apartment since her tenant moved out
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In Sydneys Opal Tower 169 apartments remain empty almost four months after evacuation

Almost half of the apartments in Sydneys troubled Opal Tower are still vacant nearly four months after the building was first evacuated on Christmas Eve Only 90 of the 392 apartments have been reoccupied since late February Resettlement was delayed due
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