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First Karachi monsoon disturbs normal life

First rainfall of monsoon in Karachi on Monday has disturbed the normal life in the city with power outages in several areas and knee-deep water at scores of roads. READ MORE: Islam and Pakistan’s constitution guarantees minority rights: Siraj ul Haq.Read more

This week 50 years ago Rain and Raees Amrohvi

Karachi received its first monsoon rain of the year 1969 on July 21 But with the good comes the bad the heavy rains disrupted normal traffic and transport was not easily available to the citizens Small taxis and auto-rickshaws were busy doing
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Monsoon spell in parts of country leaves 25 dead

The Met Office said the monsoon current centred over Sindh yielding more rainfall there than anywhere else in the country So far seven people including five boys have died in rain related incidents in Karachi since the spell first started on Wednesday
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Sindh health department confirms Naegleria induced death in Karachi

KARACHI Sindh health department has confirmed first Naegelria induced death of the year in also complained of severe joint pain hence unable to resume their normal and routine life activity for quite some time he said The doctor mentioned that
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Death toll from Mumbai building collapse rises to 33

Thats why my grandsons life was saved she said It was the first major building collapse after Mumbai recorded 315-mm 12 inches rainfall on Tuesday the citys highest since 2005 Building collapses are common in India during the monsoon season
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Monsoon rain to heighten flood risk in southern India this week North to endure heat wave

For the folks in Chennai wondering when the monsoon reaches them it looks like an improved chance for scattered rains this weekend and early next week but overall the pattern looks to stay drier than normal through through the first half of June
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Life-threatening weather hits parts of country

Meanwhile during July 1 and August 4 rainfall over the country remained below normal latest report on monsoon situation compiled by the National Disaster Management Authority NDMA Karachi to sizzle at 40C real feel in first 2 weeks of
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