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First Blair Witch Gameplay Trailer Looks Like Good Survival Horror

The first Blair Witch gameplay trailer for the upcoming video game promises a genuine survival horror experience on par with the best in the genre. One of the biggest surprises of E3 2019 was Blair Witch, based on the 1999 film, The Blair Witch Project, which …Read more

Blair Witch Gameplay Trailer Revealed

After its cinematic reveal trailer during E3 this latest trailer gives us our first real look at how youll actually play Blair Witch which developer Bloober Team describes as a first-person psychological horror for him like digging or seeking
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Blair Witch game 11 minutes of gameplay footage revealed

The new survival horror title will see you play as a man looking for a boy whos gone missing in the Black Hills Forest in Maryland And like in the movies it looks like you check out the Blair Witch game trailer We are so thrilled and honestly
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New Blair Witch Gameplay Shows Good Dog And Good Scares

During Microsofts E3 2019 press conference developer Bloober Team announced Blair Witch a first-person survival horror It all looks in line with the developers previous titles like Layers of Fear and Observer Check out the gameplay video below
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Blair Witch game coming to the Xbox heres what we found out from E3 2019

A two-minute clip was shown which gave gaming fans a first look at what is The games trailer did such a good job of capturing the atmosphere of the 1999 horror classic that this writer declared it a Blair Witch game even before its big reveal
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Observer dev Bloober addresses our Blair Witch game concerns

Doesnt matter if you like the Blair Witch Project or even I was talking about not for the first time believe me Speaking of the camcorder I read that it manipulates time We see the camcorder a bit in the trailer although its not clear whats
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Everything Microsoft announced at the Xbox E3 2019 conference

The Blair Witch game is a horror experience set in 1996 It looks of survival If you have Xbox Game Pass you can play it for free Unfortunately others have to pay for it Dying Light 2 is got a new trailer but we didnt get a taste of gameplay
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