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Financial boost for arts

With the City of Cape Town having committed to ensure that it continues to stay a world-class city, it has contributed R15m to help various arts industry …Read more

4 Ways your Friends Manipulate and use you – In Urdu

7 Things That Cause Memory Loss [Urdu, Hindi]

Personality Quiz in Urdu – How Honest Are You?

6 Ways for Artists to Boost Self-Esteem and Build Confidence

Art Gallerys Inuit Art Centre gets 2M boost

Winnipegs yet-to-open Inuit Art Centre received a substantial financial boost on Wednesday The Winnipeg Art Gallery announced a gift of 2 million from The North West Company and its
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Does Extra Help For First-Generation College Students Boost Grad Rates

No one in Garcias family had attended college but she and her mother eventually stumbled upon National Louis University a small commuter school on Michigan Avenue across the street from the Art Institute federal and state financial aid to
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Bid to boost income at Solihull arts venue

Options are being considered to boost takings at a Solihull arts venue following concerns about financial pressures It was recently confirmed that a report on The Cores cafe is due to be presented this summer while council officers have also been
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Arts Business Idea Competition gets financial boost for arts entrepreneurship

UNIVERSITY PARK Penn State alumnus Paul Bell and his wife Maryann have made a financial contribution to the College of Arts and Architecture to support the Arts Entrepreneurship Programs Arts Business Idea Competition Bell is a 1983 graduate with
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Artspace project gets financial boost

According to Wendy Holmes vice president of consulting for Artspace a nonprofit Minneapolis-based real estate developer for the arts the tax credit gives a boost to fundraising efforts for the 102 million project When a big source of funds such as
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Financial incentives do not boost HIV viral suppression rate

Despite substantial progress in scaling up HIV testing services and ART access in sub-Saharan Africa about 50 of people living with HIV in the region are not virally suppressed To test if financial incentives which have been proven effective in
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