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Final Fantasy VII Remake Receives New Concept Art Showcasing Cloud and the Shinra Building

Square Enix has released brand-new concept art for the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake. Last week, Square Enix already released new art showing off the Sector 1 Station, and today, the game’s official Twitter account shared new concept-art …Read more

53 Upcoming Switch Games of 2019, 2020 & Beyond

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FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE – An Avalanche Of Information From E3 2019

LOS ANGELES June 10 2019 PRNewswire — SQUARE ENIX brought FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE to the forefront of the companys E3 2019 Live Event showcasing in contains a hardback art book featuring stunning concept art a Mini-Soundtrack CD Summon
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Square Enix Unveils Final Fantasy VII Remakes Cloud Sephiroth Visual

The Final Fantasy Seitan 30 Shnen Opening Ceremony event unveiled a new key visual for Square Enixs Final Fantasy VII remake game on Tuesday The image features Cloud and Sephiroth with the Shinra Electric Power Company building in between them
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Final Fantasy 15 News Reviews Videos and More

Final Fantasy XV is is the fifteenth mainline entry in the Final Fantasy series as the name suggests It is built on the Luminous engine Though it started development as Final Fantasy Versus XIII after multiple delays and changes in direction
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Nintendo Download 21st March North America

Unravel Two Electronic Arts Fri 22nd March 1999 When you cut ties to the past new bonds form through the streets Final Fantasy VII Square Enix Tue 26th March 1599 The world has fallen under the dominion of the Shinra Electric Power
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Threes Company A Visit to the Tokyo Art Centers Manga Anime and Games Exhibition

The Final Fantasy VII exhibit In typical Square Enix fashion The Mario exhibit included a handful of concept art but when I went in to snap a picture I was shooed away by an attendant stationed nearby Thankfully I was able to surreptitiously
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Lupita Nyongo shows off Han Solo toy as Star Wars VII suffers massive leaks

And it seems like Lupita Nyongo 31 couldnt be more excited to a part of Star Wars Episode VII as she took to Instagram on Friday user named themillenniumfalcon posted over 30 concept drawings that revealed major details from the movie
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