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Filmkritik: „Yesterday“ von Danny Boyle

Was wäre, wenn alle Menschen die Beatles vergessen hätten? Oder besser: fast alle. Diese Frage dekliniert "Trainspotting"-Regisseur Danny Boyle ("Die Beatles waren nie meine Lieblingsband") in seiner romantischen Komödie "Yesterday" durch.Read more

Spider-Man Far From Home tops UK box office with 83m opening weekend

In its second weekend Danny Boyles Yesterday dropped only 21 on its opening session Never Look Away the Oscar-nominated German-language feature from Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck opened to 12819 from 12 sites this weekend an average
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40 films to catch this summer Toy Story 4 Tarantino and more

Yesterday Jack Himesh Patel is a struggling singer-songwriter who following a mysterious blackout awakens in a world where only he can remember The Beatles Danny Boyle directs Richard Colin Firth and Max von Sydow star Only You The rising stars
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Nicolas Winding Refn Movies Ranked From Drive to Bleeder

Amongst the slew of trivia that is available for the filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn perhaps the most telling notes come from his connection to another Dutch auteur the notorious divisive Lars von Trier 207 – Yesterday and Danny Boyle IT Director
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The House that Jack Built review Good bad pretentious reprehensible sometimes hard to watch

Lars von Trier returns to the fray with this well-made and exceedingly The cultural ramifications of the Fab Fours absence are of course endless and Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis have great fun Metal Heart review Slight but charming directorial
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Heres a thought what if The X Factor had never existed

Lets take a trip to YouTube where we find the newly released trailer for Richard Curtis and Danny Boyles Yesterday The movie tells the story of a world that has forgotten the Beatles ever existed but in a twist of Lars von Trier-level cinematic
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Occupy Oakland riots More to come

Constantine von Hoffman is a freelance writer and writing coach Himesh Patel who plays Jack joins CBS This Morning along with the films director Danny Boyle Ten years ago the sudden death Michael Jackson sent shockwaves around the world
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