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Filipinos ranked 3rd sexiest among 50 nationalities in the world — survey

Big 7 Travel, a travel and food website, conducted a survey of the sexiest nationalities in the world and Filipinos came as 3rd among 50 nationalities named. The Big 7 Travel article gave a shoutout to popular Philippine representations: boxing champion and …Read more

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Pinoys 3rd sexiest in the world

MANILA Philippines Filipinos were rated third among the sexiest nationalities world professional boxer Manny Pacquiao along with Bruno Mars and the many Miss World participants as probably the top scorers in the ranking Survey
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South Africa voted 6th sexiest nation in the world

After Afrikaans was voted the second sexiest accent in the world also ranked sixth on the list when it comes to the most beautiful people Yes their most recent survey revealed that South Africa was voted the sixth sexiest nationality among 50 countries
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Filipino ranks 3rd sexiest nationality in the world according to this survey

Whether its artistry or beauty or sheer talent Filipinos have always ranked world Filipino ranks 3rd sexiest nationality in the world through a poll conducted by content marketing company Big Media 7 The list consisting of 50 nationalities
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The top 50 best-looking nationalities revealed Ukrainians have been voted the sexiest people

Ukrainian has been voted as the sexiest nationality in a new survey The people of Ukraine the birthplace of actress Mila Kunis top a ranking of 50 nationalities with Danish and Filipino coming second and third about the worlds sexiest people
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Irish comes last in Worlds Sexiest Nationalities survey

You can check out the full Top 50 Sexiest Nationalities In The World list here The survey was conducted among Big 7 Travels 15 million audience with votes cast from readers across the world The survey was conducted in December 2018 as part of a
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