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Fifty years after Apollo 11, where will human space travel boldly go next?

But today, human space travel is back on the agenda. Although British tech and expertise is at the forefront, we have no plans of our own to go to …Read more

The Eye-opening Perspective Shift from Space Travel

NASA: A Journey Through Space Trailer

Blue Origin's Vision to Send Millions of People to Space

Buzz Aldrin: Mission to Mars | Nat Geo Live

Fifty years after Apollo 11 where will human space travel boldly go next

FIFTY years ago today Apollo 11 was heading home to world acclaim after the historic landing on the Moon Less than four years later public interest had waned political and financial realities kicked in and Nasa axed its last three lunar missions
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50 years later Astronaut Michael Collins returns to the Apollo 11 launch pad

Astronaut Michael Collins 88 returned to where it all began — the spot where Apollo 11 launched into space 50 years ago pursuit would be to go to Mars Artemis 1 according to NASA is Americas moon to Mars approach for human space exploration
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Apollo 11 took off 50 years ago See space travel predictions then and now

Many would love that to be the case especially after Apollo 11 landed on the moon 50 years ago and no human has returned since 1972 However a new age of space travel Mars in the next 50 years for sure I dont know if well go much further
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50 years since Apollo 11 – Will we go back

Fifty years ago including the ill-fated Apollo 13 But after that you keep going back repeat repeat repeat Stafford said After Skylab and the shuttle program stuck to low-earth orbit interest in space travel slowly died off
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Op-ed Reflections on the US space program a half-century after Apollo 11

Although early the next space and return to Earth Apollo Ends The last human walked on the surface of the moon in December 1972 during the Apollo 17 mission over three years after the
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Interview Buzz Aldrin – 50 years since he changed history

As the world marks the 50th anniversary since the Apollo 11 moon landing we look back at Arabian Business 2014 exclusive interview with legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin Every five years human mission in 2025 Explaining his Unified Space Vision
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