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Fiberglass Cows returning to Chicago

FILE – In this Aug. 13, 1999 file photo, fairgoers enjoy "Uncle Sam," one of several Cows on Parade being exhibited during the 147th Illinois State Fair …Read more

1999-Cows on Parade

Giant statue of Marilyn Monroe erected in Chicago

Video: Giant Marilyn Monroe statue unveiled in Chicago

Tourist terrified by new glass walkway that cracks under weight

Fiberglass cows returning to Chicago

CHICAGO AP A herd of fiberglass cows is returning to Chicago to mark the 20-year-anniversary of a popular display of brightly painted faux bovines that inspired other cities to line their streets with their own statues of everything from lobsters to
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Dartmouth professor wants college to return to its agricultural roots

Garcias food-history class is putting on an exhibit in the Berry Brickway Gallery at the Dartmouth Library it features a fiberglass cow and examines Dartmouths own role in farming since the 1700s Garcia hopes the renewed attention will illustrate
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Is Nothing Sacred International Discontent Erupts Over a Cow Parade

But that was before the public relations debacle unleashed by the failure by Swiss banks to return Holocaust victims money to their families So the Swiss government needed something to improve its image It embraced fiberglass cows Three fiberglass cow
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A bully show in the Windy City Chicago A bovine art project takes the city by storm with a 300-head fiberglass herd scattered across downtown

Eduard Juan the Swiss consulate general based in Chicago said the Zurich show of 815 cows was well received as was a similar display of fiberglass lions a few local officials into the cow display after returning from a vacation in Zurich
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Colorful cows hoof it in Harmony for parade cattle call

Artist Carol Paulsen paints a scene of Harmony on a fiberglass cow on July 22 Toulouse France Chicago and Edinburgh Scotland The idea Halen said is to set up 101 cows for the iconic US highway between Nipomo and San Simeon
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Cow stolen from Palatine yard

Emily and Bruce Duncan were on vacation Friday when a neighbor called to break the news that the fiberglass cow they received bred back in 1999 for the Cows on Parade art exhibit in Chicago spends most of its time inside or in the backyard
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