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Festival blends arts and culture to promote racial harmony

“AmeriMasala is not simply a word or just a festival,” said Johnson, a 1983 graduate of Edinboro University with a bachelor's degree in art. “It is a …Read more

Lantern walk around mall to promote racial harmony

THE haze failed to dampen the spirit of about 100 shoppers at Sungei Wang Plaza who joined in the colorful lantern parade around the shopping centre on the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival to promote racial harmony Guest-of-honour Tourism and Culture
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New arts centre will promote Chinese culture that is Singaporean-centric PM Lee

SINGAPORE Singapores racial in art that blends East and West to Mandopop artists such as Stefanie Sun and Kit Chan and other performing groups and filmmakers such Royston Tan and Anthony Chen Mr Lee said the Chinese culture that SCCC will promote
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One Ocala One America events begin Wednesday

One Ocala One America Week is designed to promote s Racial Harmony and Cultural Awareness Task Force chaired by City Councilwoman Mary Sue Rich The public is invited to these free events Wednesday 6 pm Variety Show Reilly Arts Center 500
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Culture and art safeguard national unity and harmony

Living in a multi-ethnic country the effort to build a sense of national unity and harmony is important he said when officiating at the Chinese Cultural Arts Festival at Miri purpose to preserve and promote the beauty of Chinese culture and
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Bridging cultural divide with Common Ground

Instead of marches and sit-ins he is using the music and arts to build harmony and bridge The college makes a cultural gift to the community in giving us this opportunity Michael said The festival blends the lessons of the 1960s into courses
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Free Entertainment Returns To The Marcus Centers Peck Pavilion

Live Peck Pavilion returns to the Marcus Performing Arts Center grounds this summer award-winning Milwaukee Festival Brass supports its strong cultural foundation and is dedicated to developing younger brass and percussion musicians
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