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Faux eggs are 'hatching' at fast-food chains

Fast food is taking a crack at faux eggs as more restaurants invest in … It's the latest effort a fast-food restaurant has made to cater to consumers' …Read more

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Faux eggs are hatching at fast-food chains

Fast food is taking a crack at faux eggs as more restaurants invest in plant-based proteins as an alternative to animal products Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons QSR -047 is testing menu items using Just Egg a plant-based scrambled egg alternative
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Tim Hortons Will Add Vegan Just Egg to Breakfast Sandwiches

Now comes word that Tim Hortons has become the first major fast food chain to partner with Just the plant-based brand known for its faux-egg As part of a new test run select locations of Tim Hortons in Canada will now substitute out regular chicken
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Plant-based eggs join meatless options at Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is testing the fake omelette made with mung bean protein isolate sausage already on the menu at Tim Hortons and AWs across Canada The fast food chains are meeting a growing demand for plant-based proteins from Canadians
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Dunkin Expands Menu With Beyond Meat Breakfast Sandwich

and fast food chains arent trying to attract strict vegans For example the new Dunkin sandwich is served with American cheese and eggs and therefore is not a vegan product unless modified
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You can finally eat Hampton Creeks fake eggs

Hampton Creek founder and CEO Josh Tetrick says it will be in more US restaurants by the end of this year and in fast food chains starting 765 billion eggs a year Thats a huge opportunity for any company that can make the idea of faux-eggs appeal
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Why some restaurants are turning up their noses at Beyond Meat

And last month Arbys the Ohio-based chain known for its roast beef sandwiches appeared to be trolling the meatless movement and using it as a platform to publicize new offerings for carnivorous diners with the launch of the Marrot a fake carrot
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